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Why do I offer scholarship opportunities?

Scholarships are about trust, economic justice, and shining light on the fact that you are more than your financial reality. It's about being grateful for the opportunity to shine the light of glory back on Christ and serve others through his love. 

How do I figure out where I fit on the scale? 


Top Tier $1300-1600+

Middle Tier $1000-1300

Lower Tier $600-1000

Less than $600

Lots of us are operating in a scarcity mindset fueled by capitalism. On the other hand, some of us may not even be aware of our class privilege—it happens. Please use this scale to help determine where you are at, without shame. Use this as an exercise of trust. ❤️

Typically, I would ask for a payment in full upon signing a contract, or offer a personal payment plan with final payment due by 38 weeks gestation. Payment plans are a great way to allow flexibility to those who would benefit from this. I have also allowed extensions for various circumstances such as an unexpected event. Again, it falls back on trust. You are inviting me to be a part of potentially one of the most vulnerable seasons of your life—mutual trust is a must. 💪🏼

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